Czech for Polyglots


MAY 26th - 28th

Komenského náměstí 2 , Masarykova univerzita,  BRNO

Group of 5 - 10 people

LEVEL - A1 - B1

Teachers: Eva and Marcela, Professional Language Coaches with ICF accreditation


Materials included


LENGHT: 21 x 45 mins  plus social gathering and a game


Price: 120 EUR (you will be sent bank details after registration)


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We know that normal courses might be too slow for you. That is why we are going to present the grammar quickly, presenting essential grammar for level A1, A2 and B1.


Each day one level - only for 60 minutes. 

You will get a CHEAT SHEET and Czech Grammar in a Nutshell

We don't use books - we practice!





We think that you came to Brno to enjoy the time here. So we are going to link the knowledge to the real life experience.

You will have different challenges - learning e.g. 50 new phrases or learning 100 new words in an hour and then using them in real situations. There will be more challenges revealed on the spot. If you are an introvert - don't worry, we will be with you and you will never be forced to do something you dont feel ready for. 


We will learn in the classroom (4 hours) and then in the afternoon use the knowledge in real situations. (2 hours)


You can expect a lot of fun, a lot of different methods and a lot of new words. 

We also want to show you Brno and its sights and atmosphere and try some good coffee (we have many excellent cafés and restaurants here - shown in the video below) and food with you.

To connect better with the whole group, we are going to have a social gathering on Sunday evening.


For registration, fill in this Registration Form to let us know about your level.


Still undecided? Watch this video about Brno:) We will show you the best places. 






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Your Language Coaches - Eva and Marcela